Find Your Way: Information, Advice and Support

Leaving home. Finding a job. Dealing with difficult experiences. Sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved. So we’re here to lend 11-19 year olds an ear – with complete confidentiality.

  • Find Your Way: Information, Advice and Support


Find Your Way is a free, confidential and skilled support network for young people aged 11-19. Whether it’s facing up to bullies, dealing with pregnancy or discovering new learning opportunities, our experienced and qualified team is here to listen, advise and guide.


By recognising the potential in every young person, we help them reach higher. Face to face or over the phone, our experienced and highly qualified youth workers offer help when it’s needed. Whether that means general support, or simply building the skills to become more independent.

We know that young people often feel they’re being told what to do, say or think. That’s why we always lay out the options available, empowering young people to carve their own paths. Establishing this trust is really important to us. So we advocate full confidentiality, for everyone, including under 16s. We won’t talk to anyone else about a young person’s problem, unless of course they ask us to, or we feel they’re at risk of serious harm.


Each and every young person has the right to flexible, accessible information, advice and guidance. That’s a belief that runs deep here. Supporting a young person through their challenges, especially when they feel they have nowhere else to turn, can make a world of difference. Whether it’s listening over the phone, or facing the problems head-on somewhere private – we make sure they never feel alone.

Discover more details about our Find Your Way services and find useful information for young people on our Find Your Way FAQ’s