Mentoring -Mind Your Way

Changing schools, starting your first job, feeling lonely or worrying that everyone is judging you – growing up is full of challenges and even the smallest thing can seem like a massive hurdle. Which is why sometimes it can help to have someone you trust to call on, whenever you need them.



Mind Your Way is a mentoring scheme that offers 11-19 year-olds support, understanding and encouragement through any significant changes they might be experiencing in their life.


No matter who they are or where they’re from, every young person has the potential to soar, they just need someone to give them wings. At Young People Cornwall, we know this – that’s why we’re committed to building valuable relationships for every child that needs it, connecting the right mentor with the right young individual and helping to make a difference in their life.

From acting as a sounding board for problems, to helping identify solutions and discover new opportunities, our mentors provide consistent, continual support, for the young people they work with, giving a fresh perspective on situations while working together towards goals and ambitions.

Each mentoring relationship lasts around six months, with mentors and their young individuals meeting for around 2-3 hours a week. Our mentors are fully trained volunteers, backed up by our project coordinator and regular peer support meetings. Each mentor also has the opportunity to pursue additional professional development opportunities including awareness-raising training in subjects like mental health and self-harm, sexual health, and autism awareness.


Building a positive relationship with an adult mentor can be valuable for young people from all walks or life. Sometimes getting a different viewpoint, guidance from someone who’s been through something similar, or advice on how to handle a tricky problem can make tough times feel easier to deal with.

What’s more, the right adult mentor can help young people realise their potential and open up opportunities they didn’t even know existed.

From joining groups and activities in the local area to giving moral support when attending appointments for specialist services, from helping to face difficulties like homelessness, to navigating a way through family problems, our mentors have helped some of Cornwall’s young people forge a positive path forward in all sorts of situations – and will continue to do so.

Find our more about mentoring on our Mind Your Way FAQ’s